Born in Tokyo in 1950, Fumio Ohkawa, Violin maker and Director of Violin Research, Inc., is one of the leading luthiers in Japan. This page exhibits his recent works. In 1970, he went to Firenze, Italy and studied violin making with maestro Ettore Cavallini there. After returned to Tokyo, he enriched his making and restoration experiences. In 1984, founded Violin Research, Inc., and is devoting himself to the operations of the workshop as a director and also to making violins.


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Reference: Universal Dictionary of Violin & Bow makers by William Henley

      L'Archet by Bernard MILLANT and Jean-François RAFFIN)


Enjoy listening to the legendary violinists of the early 20th century. The sound files are converted from SP records and compressed with AAC , Advanced Audio Coding (.m4a). You can hear the rare and exquisite sonorité of the great violinists, like Ysaÿe, Enescu, Kreisler, Thibaud, Huberman etc. The magnificent masterpieces of "Belle Époque" with the quality tone of old Cremonese violins will give us pleasant moments.

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